Degree Outlines & Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Degree Outlines (Course Requirements)

2023-2024 Course Catalog Semester-by-Semester Timelines

Course Descriptions

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Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences (B.S.F.C.S.) Major in Human Development and Family Sciences

Required Courses (2024)

Human Development Courses

  • HDFS 1351: Lifespan Development
  • HDFS 2351: Child Development
  • HDFS 3394: Adolescent Development

Family Sciences Courses

  • HDFS 1355: Introduction to Family Relationships
  • HDFS 3359: Family Diversity
  • HDFS 4355: Family Theory
  • HDFS 4351: Cultural Diversity   OR 
       HDFS 4358: Latinx Youth and Families1

Application Courses

  • HDFS 2353: Principles of Guidance
  • HDFS 4301: Internship in Human Development and Family Sciences
  • HDFS 4352: Administration of Programs for Children  OR  
       HDFS 4356: Administration of Human Service Organizations1

Research Courses

  • HDFS 2311: Statistics and Data Analysis for HDFS  OR 
       MATH 2328: Elementary Statistics  OR 
       PSY 2301: Introduction to Statistics  OR 
       SOCI 3307: STAT BEH SCI
  • FCS 3303: Introduction to Research in Family and Consumer Sciences
  • FCS 4303: Research Procedures in Family and Consumer Sciences

1 Students who take both classes can utilize the second course as a Career Interest Course. Please contact Dr. Edna Alfaro ( to submit this substitution request. 

Career Interest Courses (12 Hours Needed)

  • HDFS 3344. Introduction to Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
  • HDFS 3351. Creative Experiences for Children
  • HDFS 3356. Introduction to Early Childhood Intervention
  • HDFS 3358. Practicum in Child Development
  • HDFS 4302A/HDFS 4354. Play and Child Development
  • HDFS 4302B/HDFS 4357. Grief and Bereavement or SOCI 3384. The Sociology of Death and Dying
  • HDFS 4302C. Human Welfare Across the Lifespan
  • HDFS 4304. Conducting Research with Latinx Adolescent Families
  • HDFS 4305. Conducting Research in Early Childhood
  • HDFS 4353. Introduction to Child Life
  • HDFS 4391. Independent Study in Human Development and Family Sciences
  • COMM 3326. Family Communication
  • COMM 4351. Relational Communication
  • SPED 2360. Survey of Exceptionalities
  • SOWK 4315. Child Welfare

School Electives (6 Hours Needed)

  • Select from FCS, HDFS, CA, FM, ID, or NUTR courses

Syllabi for all HDFS courses are available through the University's HB2504 Site.