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Latest Research Story

Dr Yuli Liang, an assistant professor in the Fashion Merchandising program, recently published a research article on the role of artificial intelligence in fashion. She feels that given the growing interest in combinations of fashion and digital innovations, it is critical for both researchers and retailers to understand how consumers respond to new technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI). The purpose of her study was to examine consumers’ attitudes and purchase intention toward an AI device. She found that perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, and performance risk played an important role in consumers’ attitude toward AI.

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Ethical Consumption

Texas State faculty have an international reputation for research into ethical consumption, including textile product labeling, corporate social responsibility and consumer willingness to pay for organic labeling.

Touching Technology

The role of technology in the near environment includes improving health and well-being, helping people adapt to aging, reducing resource consumption and enriching STEM education.
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Student Research Groups

Texas State University and the College of Applied Arts supports undergraduate research activities, including learning communities and research groups. Fashion Merchandising fosters undergraduate research by working with students in small groups or individually.

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Cutting Edge Facilities

Fashion Merchandising at Texas State uses the latest technology and software in innovative research facilities to inspire student learning and industry change.