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FMA Mission Statement

The Fashion Merchandising Association commits to provide a space where individuals with an interest in fashion can gain useful knowledge of the Fashion industry. FMA has a strong connection with the Fashion Merchandising program, through this bond members will:

• Develop a creative and business oriented insight of the industry.
• Build direct relationships and network with professionals active in the industry.
• Have real life work and volunteering opportunities to build a strong resume.
• Be part of a diverse and inclusive group of individuals who encourage personal growth.
• Build social and communicative skills through a diverse set of social events and activities.
• Develop a strong set of social and leadership skills.

FMA at its core is dedicated to help members become proud representatives of Texas States’ Fashion Merchandising program. Current students can find out more about FMA by contacting them at

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Professional Organization

Texas State faculty and students attend the Annual International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) Conference to present designs/research and to network.

Other Recommended Organizations

As a student, you can also join the Textile Society of America (TSA), the Surface Design Association (SDA) and the Costume Society of America (CSA) to learn more about fashion design and merchandising.

Follow these links to their membership sites:


Industry Groups

There are also various industry websites that you can visit to learn more about the fashion industry and merchandising such as the National Retail Foundation (NRF) that hosts the Big Show for students each year. The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) has grants and contests for students. Cotton Inc. has a learning website with tons of information about industry production as well as access to professional development courses.

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FMA Fall 2019 Fashion Show

Taking over the Price Center in Downtown San Marcos