Nutrition and Foods

Nutrition is a multidisciplinary field, involving biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, genetics, epidemiology, sociology, public health, policy, exercise, food science, and medical nutrition therapy. The Nutrition and Foods program at Texas State provides state-of-the-science education and training opportunities focused on 1) the efficacy of specific nutrients and whole foods-based diets in the promotion of health and treatment of chronic diseases, and 2) promotion of healthy dietary patterns across the life course among diverse individuals and families, with the goal of fostering health equity. Our faculty have a variety of expertise spanning molecular to community-based nutrition. They use this experience to inform their teaching and engage both undergraduate and graduate students in original scientific research. Our MS program courses provide experiential and service-learning opportunities that allow students to gain real-world, relevant nutrition and dietetics competencies, including our accredited Dietetic Internship.