School of Family & Consumer Sciences Requisition Form

You will use this form to initiate a purchase order. There are two ways you can complete this.

1. Shopping on TSUS Marketplace on your own by assigning your cart to Evette Hernandez.

2. If your vendor is not listed on the TSUS Marketplace you will then fill out and attach the FCS Requisition Form.

*If the company you wish to use is not in the TSU SAP system they will need to be setup as a vendor before any purchases can be made. Here is the guide from Purchasing in order to complete that process.*

Have you looked in TSUS Marketplace for vendor?

If you can not find the vendor you need in the TSUS Marketplace, fill out and upload the FCS Requisition Form. Prior to filling this form out please make sure that the company you wish to purchase from is a vendor of Texas State.