FCS Procurement Card Request Form

Please give the front office at least a 3 day notice to use the P-Card. All purchases will need to have a P-Card Waiver form approved by Dr. Behnke and the Purchasing Office prior to using the procurement card.

Please Note: Travel expenses are NOT allowed with the P-Card. The P-Card is not intended to avoid or bypass existing procurement and bidding procedures or requirements. All items available through a TXST preferred contract/supplier in the TSUS Marketplace should be utilized first before going outside the Marketplace and using the P-Card. Using the P-Card is acceptable for purchases with a TXST preferred contract/supplier in the TSUS Marketplace under $500 without a waiver or otherwise prohibited.

More information on prohibited and restricted purchases can be found below:

Requesting Program: *
Will you be purchasing food items for a meeting or event? *

If only staff & faculty will be attending the meeting/event, an AP-12 form will need to be filled out and approved by a Cabinet Officer prior to using the procurement card.

All users of the P-Card must first complete a Delegated Authorization Form through the Office of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing. Please contact Evette for more information.

I understand that the submission of this form does not guarantee the P-Card will be available on the date(s) requested. I understand I am to return the P-Card and all relevant receipts to the front office immediately following the completion of my purchase. *