Faculty Reimbursement Request

In order to ensure you receive your reimbursement in a timely manner. Please provide all required information in order to process payment.

Once submitted the form will then be routed to both Dr. Weimer and Alfredo. If you will be utilizing FCS funds it will need Dr. Weimer's approval in order for your request to be submitted for payment.

Maximum Reimbursement Rates: Travelers will be reimbursed for actual hotel expenses not to exceed GSA per diem rates for in-state, out-of-state, and foreign travel.

Type of Reimbursement *

(Will be using this form submission as the date we received the notice)
(Cannot reimburse tax)
(Store name, conference name, etc.)
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For example: indicate dates of conference, justification of purchase, oy other helpful information.

Business Meals

Before you submit this for reimbursement for meals. Please click on this link to make sure you meet the criteria for payment.

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External and Texas State employees

Employee Reimbursement Certification Statement

This serves as my signature and validation of the expenses listed on this reimbursements/e-NPO with the corresponding receipts attached. I certify that the expenses are correct, were paid with my personal funds, and have not been paid or reimbursed previously by the university nor by any other means.

I AGREE to this Employee Reimbursement Certification Statement *

Must include proof of method of payment.
Must include proof of method of payment.
Must include proof of method of payment.
Must include proof of method of payment.