Student Testimonials

Since enrolling in the Family and Child Studies graduate program at Texas State, I have been presented with infinite opportunities to explore my personal interests in research, teaching, community education, and publishing. The intimate and flexible nature of the program allows students to follow their own interests and the freedom to apply themselves through various projects. The professors are accessible, available, tremendously knowledgeable, and ultimately interested in making the program as valuable to the graduate students as possible. I have felt less like a student and more like a member of a team throughout my time in the program. I have been inspired, challenged, and motivated by my professors and my coursework. I've gained a wealth of knowledge and experiences. As a result, I am confident I could enter countless professions in the field of family and child studies.

Brittany Kolkhorst
Thesis Student

I chose the Family and Child Studies program at Texas State because of its small size and its focus on both coursework and applied experiences. The professors are caring and attentive to students' needs, the classes are challenging but beneficial, and my classmates are like family to me. Furthermore, the greatest benefit of this program is that it has given me a jump-start into my future career (applied research), for which I am extremely grateful.

Alice Navarro
Graduate Assistant

I chose the Family and Child Studies program at Texas State because it provided me with a wide range of educational experiences to meet my needs in working with family and child programs. It also fit my work schedule by offering classes at night and on weekends. Even though I had years of work experience in this field, this program provided me with the depth of knowledge I needed to continue my work with families and children in both an administrative and training aspect. I highly recommend this program for anyone working in the field because every class was very applicable to the real world.

Jackie Taylor, MS
Early Childhood Education Consultant

Choosing to attend the Family and Child Studies graduate program at Texas State was easily one of the best decisions I ever made! The professors were fantastic and were truly invested in helping the students. Not only did I leave Texas State with the diploma I had set out to achieve, but I also left with a wealth of knowledge that I could actually apply to my profession as a Child Life Specialist.

Jennie Cerny, CCLS, MS
Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

I chose the Family and Child Studies program not only for its emphasis on Child Life but also for the opportunity to be challenged academically. This program has strengthened my knowledge of child development and families in order to have an advantage in what is becoming an increasingly competitive field.

Robyn Dickson
Graduate Child Life Intern