Phi U Qualifications

To become a Phi U member, certain criteria must be met. These qualifications include:

  • 40 semester hours at Texas State University - San Marcos
  • A GPA of at least 3.25

Once you are invited to become a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron, there is a 1-time fee of $100.00 for initiation and lifetime chapter dues. You will them be initiated into the chapter during the normal initiation ceremony.

Phi U Point System and Honor Cords

Phi U is an honor society made up of active members. One benefit of becoming a Phi U member is receiving honor cords for graduation. Note, simply paying member dues does NOT qualify one to receive cords. Honor cords are given only to members in good academic standing (overall GPA of 3.25) who are active in the organization. Because of the large number of Phi U members, a point system has been formed to keep track of member participation.

The guidelines for the point system are as follows:

Members will be expected to earn 8 POINTS per long semester in order to receive honor cords. Points may be earned by:

  • Attending meetings
  • Helping with fundraisers
  • Serving on a committee
  • Helping with/attending initiation
  • Participating in the professional project
  • Helping with any other aspect of the organization

Members who do not achieve 8 points per long semester may attempt "make up" points the following long semester. For example, members who earned 6 points during the fall may earn 10 points in the spring and still receive honor cords. However, point cannot be carried over to the following academic year.

During the semester a member is enrolled in internship, He/She is expected to earn 4 POINTS. However, it is the responsibility of the member to provide the Phi U chapter advisor with a copy of His/Her schedule at the beginning of the semester.

The semester in which a new member is initiated, He/She must earn AT LEAST HALF OF THE REMAINING POINTS for that semester. Because the number of points remaining will vary from semester to semester, new members will be informed, in writing, of the number of points they must earn the semester they are initiated.