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Conference Registration & Agenda Requirements

Conference Registration & Agenda Requirements RSS (101218A)

Effective immediately, any faculty, staff and student conference travel reimbursements must have a final conference agenda attached to their Expense Report whether processed via TRAVELTracks or e-NPO. The conference agenda and registration must include a breakdown of the items included in the cost.  NOTE:  If the agenda is quite long then you only need to attach the first page with the conference title and the pages from the agenda that reference the meals and whether they are included or not.  If you do want to scan the entire agenda (some are more then 25, 75 100 pages!), then you must indicate on the first page of the agenda which pages have the meal information.  If not identified, then the expense report will be rejected for you to provide the page numbers.

If any meals are provided as part of the conference registration cost, then daily meal per diem may need to be adjusted for the provided meal amount. If the per diem is not adjusted for any meal included with the conference, then in effect the expense is doubled for the meal and that is not allowed. The same is true for business meals without making a per diem adjustment. The following guidance should be used to determine if full or adjusted meal per diem is appropriate.

Full meal per diem may be reimbursed if:

  • No meals are provided at the conference.
  • No business meal was purchased, whether paid for by the traveler or another individual.
  • Add on meals are purchased by the traveler after the registration/conference cost was paid, but the traveler does not seek reimbursement for those purchased meals.

Meal per diem must be reduced if one of the following occurs:

  • A meal was included as part of the registration/conference cost (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, banquet).
  • Some listings on the registration/conference agenda may not be clear enough to know if it constitutes as a meal. Examples of these include: reception, social or networking event, or other breakout sessions. The traveler must specify if a meal was provided and if so, adjust the daily per diem for that meal.
  • Add on meals that could be purchased if desired in addition to the registration/conference cost which were included in the final registration total.

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Per Diem see http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/26429

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